The Price of Pain Part 2 - Why Are Side Effects Acceptable?

By: Kathleen Gramzay Saturday April 23, 2016 comments Tags: alternative answers to pain relief, chronic pain, holistic pain relief, opioid addiction

In my view, the opioid addiction epidemic is evidence of how deeply steeped our nation is in the conventional medical model (drugs/surgery) of treating imbalances of body or mind.

Certainly, sales messaging touting pharmaceuticals as the "best" means to "treat" the body or mind perpetuates that conditioning and belief system.  The indoctrination is pervasive and commonplace. 

It has simply become ACCEPTED that when one takes prescription meds or over-the-counter drugs to EXPECT side effects.    

My question is: WHY is that acceptable?   

The law requires side effects to be listed in advertising.  It is the job of advertisers to sell the benefits of their client's product and downplay any negative aspects; hence, the nonchalant, casual demeanor in the voice listing harmful, possibly fatal side effects. 

When it comes to pain, of course, you want something fast acting - you're in PAIN! And since the medical insurance system covers (or partially covers) drugs and surgery it is the path of least resistance.  

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, people often share their unused pain relievers, unaware of the dangers of nonmedical opioid use. Most adolescents who misuse prescription pain relievers are given them for free by a friend or relative.

Honestly, pain relief in pill form is an easy system to buy into.

 It's not the only system for pain relief. It's just the one predominantly and continuously sold.

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National Institute on Drug Abuse. (2015). Drug Facts: Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medications.  

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