What Kind of a Boss Are You?

By: Kathleen Gramzay Friday May 20, 2016 comments Tags: body/mind, holistic pain relief

When you think about it, it's pretty miraculous that your body's innate intelligence keeps you alive with fairly minimal participation on your part.  Your role? Provide the materials it needs: water, nourishment, sleep, and movement. Everything else happens without your conscious participation.  You don't have to understand it or pay attention for your cells, organs, and systems to continually operate for highest function and health.  

The system is extraordinary. It's also familiar.  It's your body.

You've been living in it for years.  And what is familiar is often easily taken for granted. It's easy to assume that your body should work like you want it to work regardless of what you ingest or don't; how you sleep or don't; how you move or don't. After all, it's been working for years.  

Think of it like this.  Your mind is the boss and your body is a unified group of employees - your team.

Your employees are innately qualified for their jobs and they do them seamlessly and effortlessly. You provide great leadership.  You pay attention to your team. You listen to them, take their recommendations, and provide what they need to do a great job. It's the perfect partnership and the whole business flourishes.  

Time passes and your team has been doing a stellar job.  They've virtually been running things so well on their own that you assume the gravy train is going to continue. You've been directing your attention and resources elsewhere. You expect the same level of results from your employees although you've pretty much checked out of the endeavor.  You don't acknowledge team members let alone listen to them. For a while now, you've been providing substandard materials and ignoring the memos that the lower quality has caused serious problems.  Things have broken down to varying degrees. You tell them to handle it, hoping you won't have to step in and actually do something.

Your boss mentality still expects them to provide the same high-quality results.  Ironically, when that doesn't happen you get mad at your employees! Ranting or blaming them will not reverse the situation back to health and harmony.  

Only changing your perspective and your actions to partner with your team will.

If you want your "Team Body" to do all that it is capable of doing so that you can live in vibrant health,

you have to be willing to train "Boss Mind" to provide the necessary leadership: 

1) Make the decision that your improved health is 1 of your top 3 life priorities.

2) TODAY, start providing high-quality materials for your team to get better results.

3) Identify and acknowledge the areas that need assistance to get your team running smoothly again.

4) Commit to action to partner with your "Team Body" to make those changes toward a preferred result for all.  (To be continued..)

To your greatest health and well-being,

My mission with this blog is to provide information that supports holistic pain relief and self-care that encompasses all of who you are - body, mind, and Spirit.

About the Author: Kathleen Gramzay

Kathleen Gramzay, BCTMB is Body/Mind Performance Expert, 20-yr Board Certified Massage Therapist, and Developer of Kinessage® Self Care and Mindful Resilience.  Her mission is to empower people to release their stress, chronic tension & pain to live more joyful, productive and healthy lives.   If you would like to learn more about Kinessage® Self-Care or the Mindful Resilience programs, contact Kathleen