Sitting is a Pain Part 2 - Driving

By: Kathleen Gramzay Friday September 2, 2016 comments Tags: back pain, back pain relief, driving back pain relief, hip pain, hip pain relief, neck pain relief, sciatica, sciatica relief

In my August blog, Sitting is a Pain in the Butt, I offered some simple and effective tips to make your office chair a little less painful.

There is another office seat that causes many people pain, the mobile one located behind a steering wheel. 

While cab and Uber drivers come readily to mind, there are untold numbers of people who spend their days on the road for their jobs covering expansive territory, as my friend Lynn did.  She, along with many of my previous clients, dealt with sciatic pain as a result. Neck pain is equally common for folks who spend a lot of time behind the wheel.

Long hours in the same position is tough on the body.  Driving for the major portion of a day can take additional tolls.  Has your leg ever cramped from holding your foot on the gas for an extended stretch? 

 In scanning the road watching for hazards or getting irritated with other drivers/traffic, have you ever found yourself gripping the steering wheel for dear life without realizing it?  

Chronic tension, whether physically or mentally initiated, accumulates. Left unchecked, it can become a significant factor in musculoskeletal disorders. 

During my practice, I worked with many clients with neck, back, and hip issues.  After our appointments, I walked out to their cars and had them make a simple set of adjustments to alleviate stressors that contributed to the chronic tension and pain they experienced. In response to my friend Lynn's request after the last blog, I'm reiterating them here for everyone.

Tip number 1:  Use cruise control whenever possible to keep your leg in a relaxed position rather than tense and extended. 

The remaining tips are found in this Kinessage® Self Care Tip for the Day - How to Save Your Neck and Back While Driving that I shot several years ago while still in my practice.

Apply them and see how driving can be less of a pain in your keister and other parts too.

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