What's Your Declaration of Independence?

By: Kathleen Gramzay Monday July 3, 2017 comments Tags: body/mind, self care, self development

With fireworks and parades, barbecues and loved ones we commemorate the independence of our country.  We pay tribute to those who gave their time and many, their lives, to afford us certain unalienable rights, the freedoms of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. 

It took courage and conviction for our forefathers to stand up and say NO LONGER would they accept the status quo.  

It then required sustained willful action to change the circumstances that were no longer acceptable.  What had long been tolerated became intolerable -to the point where the pain of staying the same was greater than the pain of taking a different course of action.  

Once firmly committed to and consistently acted upon, the new course of action fueled by the desire for a better life gained momentum and uplifted their spirits and strengthened their resolve.

They firmly engaged in right action, and right action repeated created the change they desired and gave us all the freedoms we enjoy today.

You inhabit the country of your body/mind, an abundant country of health and vitality that is ruled by the king of habits of thoughts, feelings, and actions.  

What is the state of your country?  

Do you have pain, immobility, physical or mental habits that have been infringing or eroding your freedom to enjoy your life, liberty and happiness?  

Is it time for you to make a Declaration of Independence of your own?  

What one behavior of thought or action relative to your body/mind will you decide is NO LONGER worth the pain it is causing?  Pick a better alternative - activity versus the couch, a protein or vegetable versus the sugar or empty carbs,  movement or H20 instead of a pill, music that uplifts you versus the news, people that support you versus people who don't, asking for help versus staying stuck and isolated.  

Just start.  One better choice today.

Fuel that choice with continued right action that you do more often than not, and you will find yourself gaining momentum. Your conviction, spirit, and resolve will be uplifted; carrying you forward to your own freedom, your own inalienable rights of life, liberty and happiness.  

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Happy Independence Day!

To your greatest health & well-being, 

My mission with this blog is to provide information that supports holistic pain relief and self-care that encompasses all of who you are - body, mind, and Spirit.

About the Author: Kathleen Gramzay

Kathleen Gramzay, BCTMB is Body/Mind Performance Expert, 20-yr Board Certified Massage Therapist, and Developer of Kinessage® Self Care and Mindful Resilience.  Her mission is to empower people to release their stress, chronic tension & pain to live more joyful, productive and healthy lives.   If you would like to learn more about Kinessage® Self-Care or the Mindful Resilience programs, contact Kathleen