5 Myths of Pain - Part 1

By: Kathleen Gramzay Friday April 1, 2016 comments Tags: pain myths, pain relief, self care

5 Myths of Pain - Part 1

Every day, millions of people experience pain. Headaches, body aches, joint aches, sharp stabbing pain, dull achy pain, pain that comes and goes, and pain that comes and seems to stay. Billions of dollars are spent for pain relief;and sometimes at best, it's a crap shoot as what to pick to try to relieve it. Being in pain and not knowing what it is or how to relieve is frustrating, annoying, and it can just plain make you cranky. I'd like to speak to five myths - underlying common beliefs that keep you stuck in pain so that you can start to... Read More

The Magic of Spring

Saturday March 26, 2016 comments Tags: body/mind balance, destress, rejuvenation, self care

Ah, spring, that beautiful season of rebirth and renewal. The dormancy of winter is over its muted blanket the fertilizer for regeneration and growth of new life. Nature abounds with activity. My blue yucca is in full bloom, providing within its spiny palms a secure fortress for the annual nesting of a pair of cactus wrens. Each morning the mates come forth and gather materials from the nearby shrubs to line the bed for their clutch. The birds work methodically, attending to the task at hand. When a lurking cat ventures forward with the... Read More

Essence of Life of Another Kind

Friday March 18, 2016 comments Tags: brain benefits, exercise, fun, health benefits of movement, movement

Air and water are necessary for life. Without them, it doesn't take long before you're dead: three minutes without air, and a week to 10 days without water, on average. Your body/mind starts sending warning signals way before you get close to either. There is another essence of life for humans that when diminished may not kill you quickly, but certainly can cause a slow death either functionally or in your outlook on life. That Essence of Life is Movement. As humans, we are designed to move. Every one of our systems is predicated upon... Read More

Make Spring Projects Easier On Yourself

Friday March 11, 2016 comments Tags: gardening, self care tips for gardening, stretches for gardening

Ahh, Spring, the time for rejuvenation of all kinds. After the winter and the frosts it's time to clean up the yard, plant beautiful flowers and soak up the sunshine in comfortable temperatures. Before you dig in, here are some tips to make it easier on you. While the beautiful weather can motivate us to get off the couch and on to some of those outdoor projects, it's important to remember that 8 hours in the yard pulling weeds, shoveling, planting or painting can take their toll on your body. Remember these tips: 1. Be smart before you... Read More

Your New Best Friend for Allergy Relief or Sinus Infections

Friday February 26, 2016 comments Tags: allergies, allergy relief, sinus infections

This week I've seen a number of people with red watery eyes, stuffed up or runny noses. It looks like allergies are kicking in early. So if you haven't made this acquaintance yet, I'd like to introduce you to your new best friend for Spring - the neti pot. It is hard to appreciate the glory of Spring when every time you step out the door your eyes are watering or a cascade of sneezes starts. One way to relieve allergies without medication is by using a neti pot. What is that? It is a small, ceramic little teapot designed for flushing... Read More

Pandemic of the 21st Century

Friday February 19, 2016 comments Tags: busyness, overwhelm, stress

Pandemic of the 21st Century

The obelisk of ancient times stood motionless, the sun's rays crossed its form and recording of the day began. Astronomers looked at the stars and their astral positions gave night its timely increments. In 1500 B.C., the obelisk evolved into the sundial and the spectrum from sunrise to sunrise became segmented into twenty-four hours. For over twenty-one centuries humans have had twenty-four hours in each day. How is it that time seems to have sped up to such a degree that the resounding human response to the query "how are you?" is not... Read More

Essence of Life - Water

Friday February 12, 2016 comments

The scene opens and the camera pans across the scorched, dry, barren earth. The man's skin is equally dry and blistered, his mouth dry, his tongue swollen. His lips and tongue are as cracked as the ground he is treading. His aching head swims with dizziness, barely allowing him to think or eyes to focus on the path before him. He works to sweep his tongue around his mouth to create some saliva, but there is none forthcoming. Although walking for several days, he has no urge to urinate for there is no fluid to pass. His pounding heart belies... Read More


Thursday February 4, 2016 comments

The red light comes on and the scramble begins - where's that charger or outlet? In airports and crowded public spaces, we vie for the coveted position closest to the three-pronged resuscitator of modern life. Perhaps otherwise reluctant to converse with strangers, the need for recharge breaks the silence barrier: "Can I plug in here?" Keeping our batteries charged has become a high priority in our technological age, and we have built in habits to ensure we're not left stranded. We have multiple chargers and multiple outlets; we ritually... Read More

The Quintessential Essential Oil

Friday January 22, 2016 comments

Essential oils have different base scents. You'd expect the herbaceous/camphoraceous "medicine-y" smelling ones to have therapeutic benefits. Yet, there are also some beautiful floral scents that have medicinal purposes, chief among them: Lavender. Lavender is extremely versatile from its amazing regenerative healing capacity to use as a safe home cleaning option, making it the quintessential essential oil to keep on hand. Lavender is a very soft scent that also packs great value in its beautiful aroma. Lavender has become common,... Read More

Get a Handle on Colds and Respiratory Challenges with this Top 5 Essential Oil

Monday December 21, 2015 comments Tags: Colds, Essential Oils, Eucalyptus

Stuffy noses, head or chest colds are no fun. It can either feel like your head is about to explode from all the mucus or you can't turn off the runny faucet. Most of us don't appreciate blowing our noses repeatedly, yet the mucus does have a purpose. Its job is to flush out infection. Over-the-counter meds address the symptom and dry up the mucus, but that doesn't mean they treat the infection. Without doubt, mucus is messy, inconvenient stuff. You might be less irritated without its slimy presence. However, you may have to content with the... Read More