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The Paradigm Shift: Your Body, Your Partner

By: Kathleen Gramzay Friday May 6, 2016 comments Tags: health benefits of movement, holist, movement, pain relief

The Paradigm Shift: Your Body, Your Partner

The idea that you can partner with your body is somewhat novel to many people. Isn't your body something you have and manage? It's great when you're young (even if you don't appreciate it at that time) and then it becomes a pain, literally somewhere down the timeline. When I became a massage therapist in 1999, I was eager to learn as much about the body as possible because I wanted to help many people. What I couldn't have known then is how that knowledge would change my perspective, my life, and my own health. What is one of the basic... Read More

The Price of Pain Part 3 - Shifting the Paradigm on Pain

By: Kathleen Gramzay Friday April 29, 2016 comments Tags: alternative answers to pain relief, holistic pain relief, pain, pain relief, painreliefwithoutdrugs

The Price of Pain Part 3 - Shifting the Paradigm on Pain

So far, this series has been looking at pain through the lens of the western medical model. Today the lens is being widened to let more light in on the subject. Notwithstanding its contributions, the drawbacks of the traditional medical model are significant: side effects, potential drug dependency and lethal interactions, not to mention the risks associated with surgery. In the western model, the body is seen as something to fix. Pain is something to manage, and imbalance or disease something to conquer through external means. Pain has... Read More

The Price of Pain Part 2 - Why Are Side Effects Acceptable?

By: Kathleen Gramzay Saturday April 23, 2016 comments Tags: alternative answers to pain relief, chronic pain, holistic pain relief, opioid addiction

The Price of Pain Part 2 - Why Are Side Effects Acceptable?

In my view, the opioid addiction epidemic is evidence of how deeply steeped our nation is in the conventional medical model (drugs/surgery) of treating imbalances of body or mind. Certainly, sales messaging touting pharmaceuticals as the "best" means to "treat" the body or mind perpetuates that conditioning and belief system. The indoctrination is pervasive and commonplace. It has simply become ACCEPTED that when one takes prescription meds or over-the-counter drugs to EXPECT side effects. My question is: WHY is that acceptable? ... Read More

The Price Of Pain Part 1

By: Kathleen Gramzay Friday April 15, 2016 comments Tags: opioid addiction, opioidadditionepidemic, pain relief, painkillers, painreliefwithoutdrugs

The Price Of Pain Part 1

In this series, I will be sharing information about the current models for dealing with pain and the costs they wrest from individuals, families, and society as a whole. Twice in the same week, I have happened across radio stories of the current epidemic of drug addiction in the U.S. Neither was about the stereotypical heroin addict seen in TV dramas and movies. The subject was pain and the conversation revolved around prescription opioid addiction. On June 5, 2017, just 14 months after the original post of this blog,the matter is... Read More

5 Myths of Pain Part 2

By: Kathleen Gramzay Friday April 8, 2016 comments Tags: alternative answers to pain relief, pain myths, pain relief

5 Myths of Pain Part 2

Last week we talked about the first two myths of pain. Today I'm going to speak to three more. Myth 3 - If Pain Lasts for a While, It Means It Will be Here Forever It's ironic, but the mind has a short memory. You can be healthy for forty or fifty years, have one physical challenge that lasts a few weeks, months, or maybe even several years, and the mind concedes that it will be like this for the rest of your life. That is not necessarily true but the mind which magnifies your experiences can make it feel like that. Having pain over... Read More

5 Myths of Pain - Part 1

By: Kathleen Gramzay Friday April 1, 2016 comments Tags: pain myths, pain relief, self care

5 Myths of Pain - Part 1

Every day, millions of people experience pain. Headaches, body aches, joint aches, sharp stabbing pain, dull achy pain, pain that comes and goes, and pain that comes and seems to stay. Billions of dollars are spent for pain relief;and sometimes at best, it's a crap shoot as what to pick to try to relieve it. Being in pain and not knowing what it is or how to relieve is frustrating, annoying, and it can just plain make you cranky. I'd like to speak to five myths - underlying common beliefs that keep you stuck in pain so that you can start to... Read More

The Magic of Spring

Saturday March 26, 2016 comments Tags: body/mind balance, destress, rejuvenation, self care

Ah, spring, that beautiful season of rebirth and renewal. The dormancy of winter is over its muted blanket the fertilizer for regeneration and growth of new life. Nature abounds with activity. My blue yucca is in full bloom, providing within its spiny palms a secure fortress for the annual nesting of a pair of cactus wrens. Each morning the mates come forth and gather materials from the nearby shrubs to line the bed for their clutch. The birds work methodically, attending to the task at hand. When a lurking cat ventures forward with the... Read More

Essence of Life of Another Kind

Friday March 18, 2016 comments Tags: brain benefits, exercise, fun, health benefits of movement, movement

Air and water are necessary for life. Without them, it doesn't take long before you're dead: three minutes without air, and a week to 10 days without water, on average. Your body/mind starts sending warning signals way before you get close to either. There is another essence of life for humans that when diminished may not kill you quickly, but certainly can cause a slow death either functionally or in your outlook on life. That Essence of Life is Movement. As humans, we are designed to move. Every one of our systems is predicated upon... Read More

Make Spring Projects Easier On Yourself

Friday March 11, 2016 comments Tags: gardening, self care tips for gardening, stretches for gardening

Ahh, Spring, the time for rejuvenation of all kinds. After the winter and the frosts it's time to clean up the yard, plant beautiful flowers and soak up the sunshine in comfortable temperatures. Before you dig in, here are some tips to make it easier on you. While the beautiful weather can motivate us to get off the couch and on to some of those outdoor projects, it's important to remember that 8 hours in the yard pulling weeds, shoveling, planting or painting can take their toll on your body. Remember these tips: 1. Be smart before you... Read More

Happy Leap Day 2016

Monday February 29, 2016 comments Tags: living a joyful life, opportunity, time

Today's Google doodle got me thinking about the whole Leap Year/Leap Day thing. Maybe it's because I've crossed 50. Maybe it's because it feels like time is speeding up with technology's influence. (Or maybe both:) In any case, I am much more aware of the value of my time - how I plan it, how I spend it, and how I enjoy it. The original reason for Leap Year was mathematic. It's the Gregorian calendar's way of rounding.It actually takes 365 days 5 hours and 48 minutes and 46 seconds for the earth to revolve around the sun, and they needed... Read More