Under Pressure of 4th Quarter Demands & Holiday Distractions Will Your Team Succeed?

By: Kathleen Gramzay Thursday October 25, 2018 comments

Busy – The New Norm.

The pace of life and business today does not discriminate.  Have you noticed that the automatic response to “How are you?” has become: “Busy!” or even "Crazy Busy!"? If everyone is experiencing a more hectic-paced environment, what sets successful people apart?

Successful people have the ability to remain calmly focused on the objective at hand under compounded stress, change, additional pressures, and demands.  They are capable of managing their “seas”, the mental, emotional and physical states from which they operate.

The seas often get particularly rough in the fourth quarter. Accelerated pressure to meet year-end goals combined with added personal pressures of holiday obligations, expenses and activities take their toll physically and mentally.  The results: physical illness, anxiety, overwhelm, muddled thinking, and poor performance simply from nervous system overload. 

At the very time you need your team members to be at their best to close out the year successfully, their ability to be present and at their sharpest is most compromised.

If you want your team to have a successful and healthy fourth quarter, equip them beyond survival.  Give them a deeper level of training to thrive in fourth quarter seas and beyond.
Help Your Team Navigate 4th Quarter Seas for Overall Success

An hour or 90-minute training can teach your team scientific skills to quickly release their own chronic tension and switch their nervous system out of anxiety and overwhelm to calm, critical thinking, greater immune system function, and social engagement for greater productivity and team collaboration.  Calm your 4th Quarter seas. Provide training that teaches your team HOW to fish more successfully in any sea, under any condition.  

How Successful and Enjoyable Will Your 4th Quarter Be?

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About the Author: Kathleen Gramzay

Kathleen Gramzay, BCTMB is Body/Mind Performance Expert, 20-yr Board Certified Massage Therapist, and Developer of Kinessage® Self Care and Mindful Resilience.  Her mission is to empower people to release their stress, chronic tension & pain to live more joyful, productive and healthy lives.   If you would like to learn more about Kinessage® Self-Care or the Mindful Resilience programs, contact Kathleen