Getting More Muscular Pain Complaints from Remote Employees?


The necessity of remote working from home spaces not ergonomically designed for it adds another layer of painful distraction when neck, back, hips, or wrists pain sirens are wailing.

 Kinessage® Self-Care is a self-directed virtual program that teaches your employees to release their own chronic muscular tension and pain without drugs so they can move and function with greater ease and focus. The more Kinessage® Self-Care movements are done, the more they increase resilience and flexibility in the body.



Self-Activated Reset for Muscular Pain & Tension Relief


  • Self-Applied Movements Quickly Releases Muscle Pain & Tension Without Drugs or Office Visits

  • Addresses Underlying Cause of Musculoskeletal Disorders that Leads to Lost Work Days, Injury, & Related Costs

  • Counteracts Harmful Effects of Overstrain & Long Hours Sitting or Standing




Kinessage® Release Your Pain Self-Care System

The 24/7 Pain Relief Solution

Keep Your Team Healthy & Productive


Empower your employees with 24/7 access to training that shows them how to quickly and easily release their own musculoskeletal pain and chronic tension right in the moment. 

This series of movements release the underlying chronic tension patterns that contribute to many common soft-tissue musculoskeletal conditions including tension headaches, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, and sciatica, a preventative solution for potential musculoskeletal worker’s compensation claims.


The virtual system includes the Release Your Pain, Expand Your Life! digital book and the Kinessage® Full Body Freedom Series of streaming videos. The digital book is an “owner’s manual” for the body/mind and maximizes the results of doing the video movements. The Full Body Freedom Video Series includes 15 bonus movements (44 videos in all) for more in-depth coverage of each of the 6 body segments for your employees to keep themselves healthy:

Upper Body:

Segment 1: Head/Jaw/Neck Freedom   Segment 2: Shoulder/Arm Freedom   Segment 3: Wrist/Hand Freedom

Lower Body:

Segment 4: Back/Torso Freedom    Segment 5: Hip/Leg Pain Freedom     Segment 6: Ankle/Foot Freedom

This system is an ideal solution for remote, off-site, or 24-hour shift employees.

Kinessage® Self-Care can be provided as a stand-alone program with post-training support or as an add-on to the Kinessage Mindful Resilience program to further enhance and optimize your organization's objectives, culture, and mission from the inside out. 


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