Happy Leap Day 2016

Monday February 29, 2016 comments Tags: living a joyful life, opportunity, time

Today's Google doodle got me thinking about the whole Leap Year/Leap Day thing.  Maybe it's because I've crossed 50.  Maybe it's because it feels like time is speeding up with technology's influence. (Or maybe both:) In any case, I am much more aware of the value of my time - how I plan it, how I spend it, and how I enjoy it.  

The original reason for Leap Year was mathematic.  It's the Gregorian calendar's way of rounding. It actually takes 365 days 5 hours and 48 minutes and 46 seconds for the earth to revolve around the sun, and they needed to do something with that extra time.  Having a leap year keeps the planet aligned with the earth's revolutions around the sun and our seasons aligned with the months.

Those folks in the 16th Century who took Julius Caesar's calendar and tweaked it were conscious that time had value and to discount it would have unfavorable consequences.

We all get 24/7 no more, no less. It's the great equalizer of humanity.  The only difference between us is how we decide to spend it.

We're not privy to know how many of those cycles or how many leap days each of us gets, but we can appreciate the extra 24 hours we get in this day, Leap Day 2016.  

Today I am choosing to spend some of this precious time sharing love, being in nature, applying my skills and talents, and being grateful for the extra gift.

How will you spend yours?

Happy Leap Day,