The Magic of Spring

Saturday March 26, 2016 comments Tags: body/mind balance, destress, rejuvenation, self care

Ah, spring, that beautiful season of rebirth and renewal.  The dormancy of winter is over its muted blanket the fertilizer for regeneration and growth of new life.   Nature abounds with activity.  

My blue yucca is in full bloom, providing within its spiny palms a secure fortress for the annual nesting of a pair of cactus wrens.   Each morning the mates come forth and gather materials from the nearby shrubs to line the bed for their clutch.   The birds work methodically, attending to the task at hand.  When a lurking cat ventures forward with the idea of a tasty meal, the birds swiftly retreat to the safety of their prickly castle keeping a close eye on the threat below.  Finally, the cat dejectedly wanders off and when it is safe, the pair returns to their project unruffled. 

Once complete, they retreat into the comfort of their abode for the majority of the day.  They venture out for food in the late afternoon and retire again until the sun's rays beckon them to resume again on the morrow.  

Nature provides such a great example of the balance between industry and rest.  

Each season has its role in the cycle of death and rebirth; and within each season, nature responds harmoniously.  There is no resistance to winter, only a resurgence of life in spring and the making the most of the day's sunlight and the opportunities presented.  What a great example Mother Nature provides us.  

Like the wrens, we can be present in the moment and make the most of each day, performing our work with steady attention.  

When challenges come we can observe, determine the best course of action, and then return to our task or goal with a clear mind and refocused vigor.  

At the end of a fruitful day, the sunset reminds us to drink in nature's beauty to replenish ourselves and to be with the peace that is.

Night draws its dark cloak around us as sleep restores our bodies and minds for the coming dawn and calling of the sun's rays.    

May your spring include joyful productivity, rejuvenating rest, and enjoyment of the beauty and peace of nature.

Happy Spring, and if you celebrate it, Happy Easter.


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