Kathleen Gramzay, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO, Body/Mind Resilience Expert, Author, Speaker, Developer of Kinessage® Mindful Resilience, Kinessage® Self Care, Kinessage® Massage Through Movement. Prior to holistic health, Kathleen's entrepreneurship included real estate development, writing, and international distribution business.     





  Providing You with

the CEO/COO Support

You Need to Succeed

Do you have a proven concept but lack the know-how to create the team, systems, and processes to create the business structure and execute it?

 Is your mission-based business so busy trying to manage what you’ve got that you have no bandwidth to expand your services to meet the new demand of your customers?

Are you a frustrated visionary with the concept and resources to make a difference in the world but not the skills, time, or team to bring it to reality?

Bringing a mission-based vision into reality or expanding it takes more than passion.  It takes strategy, structure, resources, the right culture, people, management, and systematic execution of the myriad of components necessary to transform a proven idea into a tangible service or product.

As a 25-year mission-driven entrepreneur, Kathleen Gramzay’s philosophy that business can be the greatest catalyst for improving our community, our nation, and the world has fueled her “see a need, start a business” entrepreneurial life.

Her unique combination of project management, operations, holistic health, and passion for improving people’s lives resulted in 6 start-ups of innovative services and products of her own.

Today, her mission is to help you REALIZE YOUR VISION so your organization can be a force for good and contribute its best to the world.

CEO/COO Level Support for Your Mission:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Formation
  • Operations Processes
  • Creating and Managing Virtual Teams – Legal, HR Support, Marketing/PR
  • Creating EmployeeTeam
  • Developing Teams
  • Acquiring & Opening Facilities
  • Cultivating Stakeholder Relationships

Wondering how these services can benefit your organization? 

Here’s what a recent client had to say:

“I brought Kathleen into my practice to launch and organize a COVID-19 prevention, testing, and therapy office. She created the practice structure, hired and trained a 30-person team, built a marketing function, and increased service capacity by 400% in just 90 days. She brought my vision to life in a short timeframe and excels at “putting the pieces together” that ultimately lead to business success.”  Tyler Southwell, MD