Body/Mind Resilience Classes: The sustainable solution to care for you as you care for others.

What would it feel like to be comfortable and pain-free in your body while working with your clients or patients?

Kinessage® Self Care for Therapists gives you the tools to clear your pain, tension, and constrictions to keep yourself healthy so that you can comfortably focus on giving your clients the high-quality care they anticipate.

Kinesthetically experiencing Kinessage® for yourself is a prerequisite to increase your ability to translate it as a method of massage for your clients via the Kinessage® Massage Through Movement Classes.

Kinessage® Self Care for Therapists Virtual Webinar -7 CE hrs

Kinessage® Intro Combo Class – 16 CE hrs

Kinessage® Self Care for Therapists & Introduction to Kinessage® Massage Through Movement

“Kinessage® Self Care is essential for therapists to stay healthy and for giving more effective massages.” – M. Rowe, LMT, WI

Kinessage® Massage Through Movement Basics Upper Body Course – 24 CE hrs

"Kinessage® is powerful but gentle. I highly recommend it. I have not experienced anything like Kinessage® before, but I look forward to receiving it again." – Ralph Stephens, LMT, NCTMB, Massage Educator, 2008 Massage Therapy Hall of Fame Inductee

"Kinessage® is mind-blowing. I really feel that working from this new approach is retraining my brain." – B. Osofsky, LMT, Scottsdale, AZ

Kinessage® Massage Through Movement Lower Body Basics Course - 21 CE hrs

Kinessage® Massage Through Movement Advanced Course – 24 CE hrs