Kinessage® Self Care for Therapist Virtual Class

Kinessage® Self Care for Therapist Virtual Class

Price: $ 119.00

Saurday March 26th, 2022 9-4:30 MST Kinessage Self Care for Therapists Virtual Live Class 7 CE hrs

In this 7 CE hour session you will:

  • * Learn how to apply movement and mindful awareness to quickly relieve pain and restrictions in your body
  • * Discover how dysfunction of the sensory/motor feedback loop can lead to injury and loss of function
  • *Experience Kinessage® from the inside out and employ the power of the kinetic chain for yourself
  • * Experience the value of the role of awareness and consciousness in healing
  • * Demonstrate use of anatomy and movement to effect tissue changes and increase range of motion
  • * Leave with takeaway hands-on techniques and interactive stretching that clear common therapist areas of injury/discomfort - especially neck, shoulders, forearms, wrists, fingers, and low back.

Zoom meeting room details will be sent upon receipt of registration.