Mindful Resilience Virtual Workshop Ind

Mindful Resilience Virtual Workshop Ind

Price: $ 297.00

Mindful Resilience: Your Power to Thrive Through Adversity

This 3-segment program provides you with both the knowledge and experiential tools to understand and partner with your nervous system to shift yourself out of anger/frustration, anxiety or overwhelm back to the restorative side where clear-minded thinking, better social engagement and immune system function are possible.

You will learn specific tools that you can use in the moment to: 

Ground yourself to feel more supported and relate more authentically with family and colleagues
Calm the nervous system for greater clarity and calmer thinking at work or home
Balance your emotions for improved immune system function & better sleep
Release muscular pain & tension for greater ease and mobility

$297  This 30-Day streaming access investment also includes 1 individual 30-minute zoom consult w/Kathleen (valued at $125)