WHAT would it FEEL LIKE TO take control of your health and enjoy being in your body again?

If you are willing to take compassionate responsibility for yourself

I'm here to support you

My role is to be your bridge, to empower you through the Kinessage® Release Your Pain Self-Care System and personal, one-to-one consultation.

What kind of support do you need?

Are you a Do-It-Yourself Kind of Person?

1. Live Video Conference Consultations - Included

The Kinessage® Release Your Pain System is designed as an easy Do-It-Yourself program with built-in support. Depending on your purchase, up to 3 FREE private video conference consultations (value range $75-$275) are included with the System. It's reassuring to know you can speak directly and privately to get personalized instruction of how best to apply the system to your specific needs. You get to do it yourself, save money, and get your questions answered to get quick, effective results.

Or Do you Prefer personalized 1-to-1 expert attention?

2. Immersion Into Wholeness –  Available  

Do you strongly desire a pain-free, fluid moving body and more mental peace and joy, but lack the confidence, skills, or willpower to get yourself there on your own? Do you prefer the quick-start learning curve and accelerated benefits that come from working directly with the developer of a proven program? 

If so, this Immersion Into Wholeness Program is for you. It offers all of the benefits of the Kinessage® Release Your Pain System with the personalized one-to-one attention, instruction, and mentoring support of my 17 years of expertise as a Massage Therapist and Educator customized to your specific musculoskeletal concerns.

The most impactful benefits are noted by working completely through the body in a full day or two half-day sessions.  However, if time is your obstacle, the program can be scheduled over several sessions or focused on a specific issue-related area. 

You will:

  • Receive personal hands-on instruction for you to maximize the Kinessage® Self-Care System to release your own pain, tension, and restrictions
  • Be guided into potent partnership with your body/mind to direct your own healing
  • Learn to apply movement, mindfulness, and momentum to dismantle and replace limiting patterns that have kept you stuck or in pain
  • Step forward equipped with new tools to solidify your own body/mind partnership and a new lighter, freer way of being.

Immersion into Wholeness includes:

  • Kinessage® Release Your Pain System or Specific Segments Related to Your Concern
  • Your tools and game plan to integrate this new way of being into your daily life
  • 30-day support (with full System) to help you wire in and solidify your new mind/body partnership

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                   I invite you to say yes to living a more joyful life                          and I am honored to be your guide