Here's What Event Administrator's Say About Kathleen's Presentations:



Kathleen was our highest rated speaker of the conference. What made her presentation different was the way it empowered all participants to make a positive impact on their own health.  We all learned ways to tap into our body’s natural mechanisms to bring relief, improved mobility, and healing.

In just an hour's time, our group walked away with smiles, a relaxed state of mind, freedom from pain, and more range of motion.  Also, something that was unexpected was a greater sense of unity as we experienced something new together.

I would recommend Kathleen to other companies who are looking for someone to come alongside their employees, to empower them with an excellent method for destressing the body and improving on its mobility.

- B. Bruce, AZSAE Executive Leadership Retreat Chair


Kathleen's presentation was engaging and INTERACTIVE. I highly recommend Kathleen for organizations looking to provide stress relief tools for their membership. - Capt. J Tobin, AFCA Committee Chair


Here's What Attendees Say About Kathleen's Presentations:


This information is SO needed!  I feel great both mentally & physically! - AZSAE attendee


Your information and techniques are something everyone can use. Thank you! - Chief Farber, Superstition FD, AFCA Conference attendee


Everyone Needs This & It Works! I was surprised that simple techniques are so effective. - EMS attendee, AZ Dept of Health Resilience Summit


Be prepared to experience a change in your mindset of how you can take care of yourself "anywhere!" - City/County Manager Association Conference attendee


The presentation was Excellent - a short but sweet life improvement lesson! - Discount Tire Aviation employee


Practical stress relief techniques are really useful! - BBB Industrious Women's Summit attendee