Sustainability doesn’t start with a product or the planet. It starts with the bodies we inhabit and the minds we think through.

Chronic mental or physical patterns erode our ability to operate from our best selves, individually and collectively. The neurological state of survival mode cuts us off from our creativity, optimal health, clear thinking, and consideration of each other.

Mentally, chronic stress shows up as predictable negative patterns of thinking, feeling, behavior, and physical conditions. It negatively biases perceptions and behaviors creating miscommunication, distrust, and conflict.

Physically, chronic muscular tension distorts movement showing up as pain and disorders like tension headaches, sciatica, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, and strains that drain our attention and energy.

To confidently meet life’s challenges and uncertainty, to lead with integrity and courage, to serve with compassion, or live with vitality and love, we must know how to reset the body/mind and respond from our highest selves.

Strengthening resilience, our innate ability to restore physical, mental, and emotional (body/mind) health, without drugs, and move through life's challenges with greater capacity and adaptability is sustainability at its human core.

How can Body/Mind Resilience optimize your organization, your life, or your practice? Find out more below.

Are your leaders getting more burned out by the day “wack-a-moling” multiple strategies for poor performance, toxic culture, disengagement, and attrition?

Mindful Resilience™ Training is different than most leadership training. It addresses poor performance, toxic culture, disengagement, and attrition at a neurological root-cause level, individually and organizationally.

When confronted with a stressful situation the body/mind's default is to defensively react. Imagine providing your leaders with tools to mindfully RESPOND and get better outcomes throughout the organization as a result.

Kinessage® Mindful Resilience programs empower your leaders to switch themselves out of overwhelm and ineffective activity into clear-minded, focused action to resiliently lead so your organization can serve your clients from a healthier state of being.

Is it time to consider a more sustainable solution for your organization?

What would it be like to have more control over your reactions to stress or a pain-free, easier-moving body without drugs?

“Body/mind” refers to the interdependent connection between the body, mind, and emotions, and the circular influence of the health of one on the others. How we think, feel, act, and the condition of our body are all tied together.

“Resilience” is the innate design of the nervous system to restore the body/mind after an event the nervous system perceives as stressful or traumatic. We are designed to recover, adapt, and get more resilient, physically and mentally.

The Kinessage® Release Your Pain Self Care System is a virtual do-it-yourself movement program to release common soft-tissue muscular pain conditions like tension headaches, tendonitis, sciatica, shin splints, or plantar fasciitis.

Is it time to consider a self-empowering solution that increases your health, vitality, and freedom?

More than ever, manual therapists are needed to help their clients restore equilibrium. Has serving more clients or holding more space for them through the pandemic been taking a greater toll on you?

Kinessage® Self Care for Therapists and Kinessage® Massage Through Movement use the nervous system and movement to release pain and chronic tension patterns within your body and your clients’ bodies.

Explore a whole new approach to massage. Kinessage® cares for you, cares for your client while reinforcing your knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology.

Learn the science behind this unique, fun method, and how to apply physics, the kinetic chain, and myofascial release to save your body and energy while becoming a more effective therapist.

If you're looking for a kinder, gentler, and more efficient approach to bodywork that can help extend a career you love, you're in the right place.

Is it time to learn easier, more effective ways to care for you while you care for your clients?

Kathleen has been bringing her amazing Kinessage® Mindfulness Resilience training to our leaders for several years now. Her innovative program empowers individuals to manage their stress through a hands-on approach that works. Kathleen walks the talk and brings a refreshing approach to leadership development and corporate wellness. Her energy fills the room with her passion for body/mind health, and this program is a popular offering for our leaders." Lorraine Field, Chief People Officer, Sonora Quest Laboratories

Kathleen customized her presentation for our sales team which made it very relevant. She was energetic, informative, and immediately got the attendees engaged with her fast-moving, interactive presentation. In just an hour our team learned several techniques to relieve stress or calm oneself prior to a big meeting. I recommend Kathleen if you are looking for a fun, interactive presenter who can teach “Type A” personalities to manage their stress and anxiety.

Today's Mindful Resilience presentation was beyond helpful to understand how I can efficiently continue to work from home and balance work/life from home at the same time. Truly grateful for all wisdom you shared with us today. Thank you!" – A. Massaglia, Sales Manager Embassy Suites

Kathleen, you again provided us with an exceptional session for AzSAE. You have given us practical techniques and transformational tools to help us restore balance and resilience when we are faced with triggers and stresses. We look forward to welcoming you back!" - Barb Bruce, Az Society of Association Executives