Choose the Right Pillow and Get Better Sleep

Monday August 28, 2017 comments

Starting your day with neck pain makes for a tough start. One of the big causes of neck pain is using a pillow that doesn't support your neck properly.

Do you have chronic neck pain or wake up with occasional kinks from "sleeping funny"?  If so, I invite you to replace your pillow with a better choice that will be easier on your neck, help you sleep better and wake up happier.  

My newest favorite for back sleeping has become the travel pillow - used in a different way.  Most people wear them around the back of their neck with the opening at the front.   I switched it around so that it is in a "U" shape beneath my head instead.  It's perfect for supporting your neck and cradling your head when lying on your back, and much better support sleeping on a plane! This one is a memory foam so it's got good support and give to let your head and neck settle in.  Try it and let me know how it works for you.

Check out my youtube video to see some other options you may not know about.  Happy Sleeping!