Kathleen Gramzay, Body/Mind Resilience Expert, Author, Speaker, Developer of Kinessage® Mindful Resilience, Kinessage® Self Care, Kinessage® Massage Through Movement, 20-year Board Certified Massage Therapist.

For twenty-five years Ms. Gramzay has forged her own trail. In her 16-yr clinical practice, Knead for Balance, Inc, Kathleen proved her methods - first on herself and then with thousands of clients. Concurrent with her practice, her passion expanded to teaching. Kathleen taught Anatomy and Kinesiology at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts before becoming certified as a National Continuing Education Provider. Over the course of 8 years she taught her Kinessage® methods to occupational, physical, and massage therapists at conferences, schools, and seminars across the country. In 2016, Kathleen retired from her practice to share her passion and programs with the wider world of humanity through business.

Prior to holistic health, Kathleen's entrepreneurship included real estate development, writing, and international distribution business.     

About Kathleen Gramzay


Where Do Holistic Health, Self-Empowerment, Neuroscience, and Conscious-Culture Intersect?



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Some days being human can be tough. Physical, mental, and emotional pain are experiences that literally come with the package. My pain, coupled with holistic education and a passion for understanding how this body and mind work, channeled my attention to seek root-cause solutions within the body itself.

 Contending first with chronic muscular pain and then riding the mental and emotional stress rollercoaster of an entrepreneur, I needed effective solutions that improved my state of physical and mental well-being "now". I needed to be able to function and move forward in a healthy and productive way daily. Learning how to change my own physiology as well as my perspective and mindset and become more present in how I interact with others is truly priceless. 

With over 20 years of living, studying, teaching, and partnering with the body, I can affirm that we are designed for resilience. Thankfully, resilience also comes with the package! Science has proven that not only can the body reset itself, it can also be used to reset the mind. To acknowledge that very useful power and the inter-relatedness of body, mind, and emotions, I use the term  "body/mind".

Learning how to partner with my body/mind increased my resilience - physically, mentally, and emotionally, and provided me with a more compassionate lens through which to view and understand human behavior.

I believe businesses can be the greatest catalyst for good, and that healthy organizational cultures contribute to healthier communities and a healthier collective world.

Right now, we all need our clearest minds, our kindest hearts, and our healthiest bodies to collectively solve the challenges we're facing, and resilience is the keystone of that power

Kinessage® Mindful Resilience and Kinessage® Self-Care support culture-conscious organizations to empower their employees to fulfill their mission with intention, vitality, and collaboration, resulting in healthier, more sustainable success for all stakeholders.

If your organization is:

  • Ready to ignite the innate power within your people to collaboratively move forward from a deeper cornerstone
  • In need of tools to help your employees get beyond surviving to thriving
  • Experiencing a disconnected culture since COVID remote-working mandates

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To your  greatest health and wellbeing, Kathleen