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Pain: It's the elephant in the room that we just live with. It robs individuals of focus, connection, creativity, and joy. It robs business of productivity and a dependable workforce. It's expensive for everyone - in time, money, physical health, and mental energy. New answers cannot be found in old paradigms. But they can be found in the language of the body/mind.

When it comes to that language, Kathleen's personal and professional experience makes her an enthusiastic and engaging translator. If you are looking for practical, applicable information delivered through an interactive experience, Kathleen Gramzay is the speaker for your event or group.

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Kathleen tailors her presentations to be relevant to her varied audiences. Here are a few examples:

For Businesses:
  • Is Chronic Tension Sabotaging Your Business?
  • Taking the Bite out of Absenteeism
  • Teach Your Team to Fish and Reduce Work Related Injuries
  • For Business Success, Partner With Yourself First!
  • Your Body/Mind is Your Most Important Asset, Is it Appreciating or Depreciating?
  • What Kind of a Boss Are You and How to Tell if Your Team is About to Mutiny
Healthcare Providers:
  • The Power of Putting Your Own Mask On First
  • Replenish the Well and Give from a Full Cup
  • The Secret Weapon to Avoid Injury While Caring for Others
Women's Groups:
  • Love It/Hate It: Make Friends With Your Body/Mind
  • Don't Kill the Messenger, It's Just Bad Translation

Kathleen Gramzay, BCTMB,


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