Does the Pandemic Have You Feeling Fearful, Frustrated,

Anxious or Overwhelmed?

Learn Empowering Skills to Support Your Body/Mind's Ability to

Stay Healthy & Resilient Through this Challenge!





The pandemic impacts on our mental, physical, and financial lives have triggered the survival mechanism in all of us. Under perceived threat, we operate from the emergency side of our nervous system which is meant for short term use. It depresses the other non-emergency functions suppressing the immune system, critical thinking aspect of the brain, and positive social engagement, precisely the aspects we need to be fully functioning to handle a pandemic!

You have the ability to switch your nervous system to think more calmly, boost your immune system, and be more present and resilient, you just need to know how. 


  • EMPOWER YOURSELF - Partner with Your Body/Mind
  • For Greater Health & Resilience

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  • Ground yourself to feel more confident to handle the unknown
  • Reset your nervous system to think more calmly and clearly to better handle change
  • Balance your emotions to boost your immune system function & get better sleep
  • Release neck & shoulder tension to move more comfortably
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Mindful Resilience: Your Power to Thrive Through Change 




If you are looking for some simple ways to take care of your own well-being and stay grounded and centered in challenging times - Kathleen blends her calm presence, very relevant expertise with tangible tools and takeaways.” – Carla Reeves, Mindset & Lifestyle Coach

I highly recommend taking the training and begin using the easy to follow practices to bring peace and calm on demand when you need it most. It’s great to know that coming back to a state of calm and peace has as much to do with what is happening in your body as what’s happening in your mind. When you can use these simple tools to connect the two the results are amazing. Nearly instant calm and relaxation in the middle of stress-filled times. It gives me the opportunity to be at my best and be the leader I want to be in stressful situations.” – Peter Brissette, Digital Marketing Dude

I relaxed my nervous system and got into my body and out my mind!” – Jessica Corral, Partner Headfarmer

Keep sharing these techniques they are so helpful to everyday life!” Carol Smith, Chief Wellness Officer JNC Better Living

I learned a lot in a short time, and am adding balancing my emotions to my daily and nightly rituals  - Phaedra Earhart, Regional Sales Mgr, Alpha Video Surveillance

These experiential exercises are fantastic!” – Cindy Gordon, Business Rescue Coaching

Having tools to physically calm the body, not just using the mind, is so useful!” – Mardi Gradolf, Director of Development, ArizonaPBS

We have tools at our disposal, we’ve just not been taught to use them.” Sharon V., HR Director, Property Management Co.

I feel focused and creative. And what a great reminder of how my energy impacts others.” Karen Mildenhall, President/CEO KM Leadership Solutions