Kinessage® Workplace Training Testimonials

"Kathleen brought her amazing Kinessage® Mindfulness Resilience training to our leaders this year. Her innovative program empowers individuals to manage their stress through a hands-on approach that works. Kathleen walks the talk and brings a refreshing approach to leadership development and corporate wellness. Her energy fills the room with her passion for body/mind health, and this program is a popular offering for our leaders."

   Lorraine Field, Chief People Officer, Sonora Quest Laboratories

CopperPoint has created a culture that values employee health and promotes a healthy work environment, so we look for programs that support all interests and fitness levels.  Kinessage® hit the mark with employees who are challenged with stress-related tension and chronic pain.  Kathleen is highly professional and shared her expertise in a manner that everyone could identify with and understand. 

Learning how to clear the body of pain without medication is invaluable.  Participants experienced how using simple movement and light touch quickly increased range of motion, released excess tension, and relieved their pain.  I was personally surprised when I saw my own progress made in the brief time between the pre and post evaluation.   It works! 

We are now providing all of our employees with this valuable tool via the Kinessage® Self-Care Virtual System.  It’s ideal to use during the day to counteract the ill effects of long hours sitting at the computer, and our employees can access it 24/7 if they have musculoskeletal-related challenges outside of work.

If you are looking for a program that empowers your employees to easily and quickly increase mobility and relieve their own pain and tension without medication or office visits, I recommend Kinessage®. 

- Mary Ann Sturm, Vice President Human Resources, CopperPoint Insurance Companies  

“Here at Champion College Services, we have always strived to provide all of our employees different vehicles to assist them in all of their health challenges.
Last year we were fortunate to discover Kinessage®.  We decided to incorporate Kinessage® into our overall employee health program and had Kathleen Gramzay in our office for eight live trainings that taught our employees techniques to tackle multiple issues they faced which included musculoskeletal, migraines, and knee problems. We believe the results speak for themselves. By combining the program and the Kinessage® virtual systemwith what we were currently doing absenteeism decreased and our team’s ability to focus and serve our clients improved.
Our wellness health challenges have not only contributed to the well-being of the individual employee but to our culture as a whole. 

Cheryl Kesson, General Manager Champion College Services

As a small business owner, I am always open to unique benefits I can provide my team, especially those that can add value to their lives. The Kinessage® Self Care program met that criterion in a big way!

Kathleen’s professionalism and knowledge were impressive. But was really extraordinary was her ability to interact with our employees in a way that made them very comfortable. The day was remarkable. Several people saw an immediate improvement in areas of their bodies that have been a source of pain for years. Everyone felt the material, presentation, and personal attention was exceptional.

With finding and keeping good employees as big a challenge as ever, finding creative opportunities to incentivize your team makes a difference. Kinessage® is one of those opportunities. This is an investment that has already paid significant returns and I’m sure will continue to do so.

 - Bill DeBarba, President BWSI

Kathleen really did her homework prior to our program.  She wanted to know our current “pain points” as an organization so she could show how Kinessage® could help us achieve our goals.  She also knew our mission, vision, and values statement which spoke volumes to us about her preparation and how committed she was to us having a great experience.

In a short time, we learned simple techniques each of us could do to release tension in our bodies to help us get back to the important work at hand without needing to take more time away from our desk or work in general.  I see how using these techniques regularly can help us to lower employee medical and workers’ compensation claims plus increasing employee morale and engagement over time! 

If you are looking for unique ways to reward and invest in their employees that are working hard together in the achievement of large-scale company goals, I recommend you contact Kathleen Gramzay.”   

- Tara Bethell, Senior Vice President HR, Beatitudes Campus

Recently, my employees had a team bonding workshop called Kinessage® Self Care. Kathleen was an amazing facilitator. Given that their physical issues ranged from chronic to severe and some with limited ranges of motion, it was amazing to watch their disbelief change instantly as they could increase their own ranges of motion. In post-testing everyone reported less pain, less tension, and felt it was easy and comfortable.

The principles so critical in a smooth-running business: awareness, communication, kindness, and collaboration were experienced tangibly through our own minds and bodies. We came away not just with the greater connection and easier movement in ourselves but with great connection and awareness of each other as a business family. I have been able to watch the ease of change in our daily business interactions.

Kathleen works extremely well in groups and with various personality types. Her technique is easy to apply, and the overall experience is much greater than it might first appear. If you would like to offer a unique benefit to your staff that will also provide multiple benefits to your business, I recommend Kathleen Gramzay and the Kinessage® Self Care program.

  - Dr. Kelly de Simone, Eye Priority

Upon meeting Kathleen and learning of Kinessage® Self Care, I realized the gifts she could bring to Hospice of the West. The presentation was fun, educational, and gave the team specific self-care techniques to increase positive attitudes, decrease pain and stiffness that occurs while doing patient care, as well as staying healthy while caring for others.

The HHA team experienced how the movement techniques worked and walked away with instant tools they could use immediately. I too benefited and would encourage anyone to learn Kinessage® to improve their mind, body & spirit.

- Marsha Hall-Shafer, CSC, Hospice of the West

"Kathleen customized her presentation for our sales team which made it very relevant. She was energetic, informative, and immediately got the attendees engaged with her fast-moving, interactive presentation. In just an hour our team learned several techniques to relieve stress or calm oneself prior to a big meeting.  I recommend Kathleen if you are looking for a fun, interactive presenter who can teach “Type A” personalities to manage their stress and anxiety.

  - Christine Joseph, Senior VP, Business Acquisitions Wells Fargo

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