Helping Leaders Model Resilience so Organizations can Sustainably Serve their Missions with Focus, Creativity, and a Thriving Culture


A Different Kind of Leadership Training

Mindful Resilience™ Training is different than most leadership training. It addresses poor performance, toxic culture, disengagement, and attrition at a neurological root-cause level. 

Chronic stress impedes critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration, the very qualities needed to create and sustain a healthy culture and business.

Mindful Resilience provides leaders with effective tools to restore focus, creative thinking, and positive engagement with others so they can lead with clarity, confidence, and compassion. What’s more, partnering with the nervous system builds resilience, increasing the capacity to better handle stress and change.


Why is Resilience the Key Skillset Needed Today?

Two years of COVID-19 related chronic stress has made culture a top concern.

Data shows that a toxic culture is the number one predictor of attrition. (MIT Sloan Management Review Report)

From the C-suite to supervisors, who leaders are being IS your organization's culture. 

Expecting chronically stressed leaders to be their best and provide attentive support to those they manage for individual growth and organizational success is not neurologically realistic. 

Ripple Effect Return

Providing the tools to lead from and model resilience provides leaders the support they need and a holistic strategy that systemically addresses today's organizational challenges:


52% of employees are burned out, w Millennials at 59%, and Gen Z at 58%

Source: Indeed Burnout Report

Productivity Loss (since the Pandemic)

- 62% losing 1 hr/day in productivity, 32% say they're losing 2 hrs/day

Source: Ginger Workforce Attitudes Report 2021


self-activated Body/mind Reset skills 


  • Increased Concentration & Collaboration for Greater Productivity
  • Clearer, Calmer Thinking for Better Decision Making
  • Healthier Social Engagement for Clearer Communication
  • Physical & Mental Restoration for Happier, Healthier People

Kinessage® Mindful Resilience gives your leaders science-based techniques that increase their capacity to think clearly, engage authentically, and recharge mentally and physically.  The techniques switch stress into focused thinking, high performance, and collaboration, positively impacting how they lead, engage, and interact with one another.  Mindful Resilience interactive training can be delivered in-person, via live webinars, or on-demand. A menu of post-training support program tools can be customized to sustainably enhance and optimize your organization's objectives, culture, and mission


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