How Can An Organization Thrive Through

Uncertainty & Upheaval in the External World?


By Strengthening the Internal Resilience of

Its Leaders and Employees.


The ability to adjust and adapt in today’s tumultuous environment while supporting a high performing team is more critical than ever. Pandemic-related chronic stress is trauma to the psyche and the body, keeping both in survival mode and physiologically depleting performance, health, and morale. We are all experiencing the personal and professional impact in a variety of ways.

Pre-Covid, US companies were already losing 20-50% in performance every week and $800 billion each year.

According to a poll by Human Resource Executive taken since the Pandemic:

  • - 69% of respondents said this is the most stressful time of their entire career
  • - 62% of respondents said they are losing 1 hour/day in productivity
  • - 32% say they are losing 2 hours/day in productivity

Express Scripts 2020 State-of-Mind Reports COVID-19 related prescriptions increased in the first 6 weeks of the Pandemic as follows, with 75% of them being first time fills.

  • - Anti-Anxiety Medications - Up 34.1%
  • - Antidepressants - Up 18.6%  
  • - Insomnia Aids - Up 14.8%

The necessity to provide new solutions for people to take control of their physical and mental health without the potential negative and addictive side effects of pharmaceuticals is imperative.

By providing your teams with Mindful Resilience to internally reset both their physiology and mindset, they can more quickly return their focus and attention to serving your clients with stronger mental and physical well-being, and greater resilience to handle stress and challenges as they arise.


self-activated Body/mind Reset skills 


  • Increased Concentration & Collaboration for Greater Productivity
  • Clearer, Calmer Thinking for Better Decision Making
  • Healthier Social Engagement for Clearer Communication
  • Physical & Mental Restoration for Happier, Healthier People

Kinessage® Mindful Resilience gives your team science-based techniques that increase their capacity to think clearly, engage authentically, and recharge mentally and physically.  The techniques switch stress into focused thinking, high performance, and collaboration, positively impacting how they lead, engage, and interact with one another.  Kinessage® Mindful Resilience offers two levels of interactive training (in virtual or live format) and a variety of post-training support program tools customized to sustainably enhance and optimize your organization's objectives, culture, and mission. 


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